Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Time!

I love this time of year. Maybe not the waffling back and forth between snow and sunshine that Wisconsin seems to love so much, but once it really starts to warm up spring is one of my favorite seasons.

I love it for a lot of reasons. Winter is so long here, and I've always had trouble with winter blues. Dan jokes that I am solar powered. Spring just feels like a breath of fresh air. It's like that sigh of relief you let out when you lay in your bed after a long day. Everything just feels perfect. I don't even care when it rains. Thunderstorms are so exciting for me. I never experienced that fear that a lot of kids have when the loud claps of thunder crash across the sky. It feels invigorating. The rain breaths new life into everything. Even more than all that, I love all of the new activities that come with the wave of warmth. We can go to the zoo. We can play outside. We can go on walks. We can go to the park.

My kids love the park. We don't have a yard right now, so we spend a lot of time there when it's warm out. Last Friday we were able to take our first trip to a local park with my sisters. It was a bit windy, and still a little cool, but it felt so great to be outside again. I feel like a new person when I can be outside, even for a little while.

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