Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful day with my little people today.

I asked Dan to let me sleep in a bit and then have the babies come wake me up with snuggles. That didn't happen because I was having some pretty severe back pain, but that wore off as the day went on, thankfully.

We started off with breakfast at Dan's parents. We had glorious weather and they recently put up a play set in their back yard. We spent an hour or two playing outside. It was amazing.

Dan ended up having to go in to work for a few hours because someone called in sick, but it worked out because it coordinated perfectly with nap time. Ellie was falling asleep while swinging, so we went home and rested. 

After nap time we went to the zoo. It was packed but we still had fun for the little bit of time we were there. 

After our zoo trip we were originally planning on going to visit my family, but my mom had just finished working seven days in a row and said she was just too tired. So Dan's parent's invited us back over for dinner. We played outside a little bit more until it began to rain and then we just relaxed inside and had a few drinks while the kids played. 

Finally, when the kids went to bed, Dan and I enjoyed some ice cream sundaes. Mmmm!

Best of all, Ellie spent the whole evening WALKING! She's getting so big! My little lady!